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        An actress has been killed in a horror boating accident while in Bangkok, after she fell into a river and failed to resurface.


        The German retailer has sparked a huge division online after customers noticed a change to some of its loaves of bread.


        Hotel quarantine was a terrible time for most people that went through it during the Covid pandemic – but one hotel in the US has taken a different approach.

        Celebrity Life

        The mum-of-three, 42, looks amazing in her latest Instagram photos, taken on her balcony in Miami Beach, Florida.

        Social Media

        The Queensland floods have brought new meaning to the term ‘waterfront views’, with a Gold Coast development mocked after disappearing completely.


        Private health insurance can be a major cost each month so it’s worth making sure you are getting back as many benefits as possible.

        ‘You had one job’: AFL fans blow up

        The AFL season is just a couple of weeks away but footy fans were left fuming when a technical stuff up wreaked havoc.